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International Institute for Legal Writing + Reasoning


  • Lectures on Legal Writing and Reasoning for Judges, Attorneys, and Law Students (particularly moot court classes)
  • Judgment Writing: An Introductory Course
  • Judgment Writing: A Refresher Course
  • Judgment Writing: An Advanced Course
  • Judgment Writing for Appellate Courts
  • Written Advocacy: An Introductory Course
  • Written Advocacy: A Refresher Course
  • Written Advocacy: An Advanced Course
  • Appellate Advocacy
  • Assistance in Writing Submissions and Judgments
  • Comprehensive In-house Writing Programs for Law Firms and CLE providers
I've attended several seminars on judgment writing by Prof. Raymond. They were the best seminars on any topic of the many I have attended. I was persuaded not only that judgments could be well written, but should be. The courses clearly established the benefits of good writing. And they taught us how to make a start. This seminar went way beyond the usual 'plain English' writing course; it showed me how critical logical structure and organization are to effective legal writing.